Pleased to announce that I’m joining full time to work with Lars Tackmann in #dart. Solvr is dedicated for creating modern math tools on the web. We find dart as the perfect opportunity to accomplish our goals, please follow and sign up for an alpha release at I feel dartlang has the potential to succeed in commercial opportunities. That helped me in the choice of leaving casino industry for math education tools. A second driver for me is the web ecosystem is ever more important these days, it needs to be in every developer’s toolbox. Finally, math is fun!

I would like to thank all the open source #dartlang developers/hackers/friends for creating the rich community around dart. The community effort has been accelerating at a wonderful speed, the new frameworks and libraries keep on evolving with the dart language. That will help us all in the long haul. This is a great time for startups, smaller companies and enterprises to get in now and create what we want to use over the next years.   

One of the first libraries I will be working on is dart-bignum to help with development that depends on fast implementation of BigInteger across dart and dart2js.


About financecoding
I enjoy coding in dart.

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